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Good to Great to Gone: How to Innovate your Business to Stay Relevant

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come”   -Victor Hugo   Join renowned, international speaker Dr Gavin Symanowitz as he discusses the science behind innovative thinking and how you, as a South African business leader, can transform your own company by using the practice of thinking differently. The recipient […]

Business’s potential with ERP Software

New Era Solutions discusses how to unlock your business’s potential with ERP software in this month’s issue of Wood & Timber Southern Africa. It goes without saying, manufacturing in South Africa has become very competitive on both a local and global scale. Old antiquated systems cannot provide businesses with a complete picture and control of how […]

Analysing stock to increase profit

In part one of a three part series on profitability, Pieter Lotz, solutions director for New ERA Solutions, will look at the challenges around managing stock to ensure that it has a positive effect on a company’s bottom line. We specifically look at: * Challenges that effect profitability; * Why dead stock does not provide […]

Understanding the ERP Landscape in South Africa

This white paper is based on a recent survey conducted amongst IT professionals across South Africa. The main objective of the survey was to understand the enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape in South Africa in the context of global trends. An  ERP system represents a significant investment of time and money for any organisation and […]

Epicor proves that they are more than just business inspired

The pristine Modderfontein Nature Reserve played host to the first ever Epicor 4x4x2 family day held on Saturday 15 August. Over 200 customers and partners enjoyed the action packed day out with family and friends. With temperatures in the late twenties, it could not have been a better Johannesburg winter’s day. Guests spent the day […]

Mobile ERP Solutions

Based on the ERP 2015 survey we ran on IT WEB, we found that the number one function missing from current ERP systems is extending ERP systems to mobile. We live in a mobile world, so it makes sense to have an ERP system that provides a mobile solution for companies.       Mobile […]

Outservice Your Competition!

In the world of independent retailers, personalized and superior customer service is a major differentiator, and the key to outservicing the competition. What exactly do I mean by outservicing the competition? By providing customers with the best shopping experience possible. And every retailer knows that in order to get customers coming back they need to […]

The Need for Adaptive ERP

From their inception, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been deployed with an overarching purpose: reduce costs by managing processes and materials. Until the middle 1980s, enterprise systems were built for narrowly defined business needs such as order management, account payables, and inventory control. The first real ERP systems integrated the data and processes once […]