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Mega trends and the factory of the future

In today’s fast moving global markets, Manufacturers must respond a lot quicker to changing demands to maximise new market opportunities. We are in an era where information and operational technology, and global mega trends are on a collision course. This drives the way in how we do business and how we interact with Customers and […]

Will Your Business Avoid the Pitfalls of Growth?

Growth can rapidly overwhelm any unprepared business, yet the most organised business can also face unexpected challenges along the way.  Your ability to plan accurately and manage the complexities of growth can determine your success.  The systems that are supporting you also determines your growth success. Epicor and MORAR Consulting performed a global survey of […]

Unlock your growth potential

Manufacturers are under immense pressure to grow faster and keep up with the market with intense global competition and rising expectations. To accomplish this, this is what you need to know: Which areas of your business can you accomplish growth? How to determine and decipher opportunities What it takes to deliver better business visibility You […]

Tackle Today’s Workforce Challenges and Keep Business Growth on Track

One of the greatest risks to business performance today is the human resources factor.  Your business maybe concerned about employing and retaining staff as they evolve, and advance next-gen workforce strategies that meet the needs of technology motivated Millennials.  In the future workforce factors infographic it reveals that technology is a key component of employee […]

Is Your Business Prepared for Growth?

Manufacturing is becoming progressively competitive and intricate; business owners have a common concern which is the need to grow and quickly.  But in order for them to successfully manage and drive this growth, they have to first understand the various challenges that await them. Epicor and MORAR Consulting have done a global survey and in […]

What sets high-growth companies apart from their competitors?

Is there a secret formula to achieve growth? If you knew what other successful companies were doing right could you change your business performance? Well we have the answers. The steps that other companies take include: • Cultivate the ability to identify, understand and respond to various opportunities, • Creating the systems, processes and cultures […]

Are you a manufacturing Grow Getter?

Manufacturers today are all facing the pressure from the elevated global competition and the need to keep up with the rapid digital change. As a Manufacturer, you are faced with the following questions: How are you going to achieve any kind of growth? Should your core focus be on the expansion of your business or […]

Epicor Rises to #1 in Top 10 ERP Report

In the first annual Top 10 ERP Systems Ranking report from Panorama Consulting, Epicor came out as the distinct number 1 ERP system, over a number of exceptionally strong competitors that the product was up against. Panorama Consulting Solutions is one of the top influences in the ERP community as well as a leading ERP […]

Are you driving your business strategy or is your software?

Navigating the rough terrain of modern business can be quite a challenge. To thrive in an ever-changing world your organisation needs the flexibility to adapt quickly and with minimal disruption to daily operations. How can you achieve this in an affordable manner, without sacrificing the structure that a reputable ERP system can deliver? Business Process […]