Mega trends and the factory of the future

In today’s fast moving global markets, Manufacturers must respond a lot quicker to changing demands to maximise new market opportunities. We are in an era where information and operational technology, and global mega trends are on a collision course. This drives the way in how we do business and how we interact with Customers and Suppliers in the future.  Disruptive technologies and mega trends are shaping the future of Manufacturing.  To find out more about the 4 mega trends, click here to download the eBook.

Will Your Business Avoid the Pitfalls of Growth?

Growth can rapidly overwhelm any unprepared business, yet the most organised business can also face unexpected challenges along the way.  Your ability to plan accurately and manage the complexities of growth can determine your success.  The systems that are supporting you also determines your growth success.

Epicor and MORAR Consulting performed a global survey of 1,000 manufacturers and the new eBook have the results which revealed:

  • The five risks that you may be vulnerable for those who don’t plan for future growth.
  • The importance of managing the complexities of growth and the planning thereof.
  • How manufacturers systems can either make or break your growth goals.

In the Manufacturing guide to grow profitably, you will discover how other manufactures are approaching business growth.  It will also explain how you can enlist the help of the right technology to achieve success.

Unlock your growth potential

Manufacturers are under immense pressure to grow faster and keep up with the market with intense global competition and rising expectations.

To accomplish this, this is what you need to know:

  • Which areas of your business can you accomplish growth?
  • How to determine and decipher opportunities
  • What it takes to deliver better business visibility

You can only make growth focused decisions when you have rich business intelligence.  To discover key success factors for growth, whether that means increased profit, greater market reach, watch this video.


Tackle Today’s Workforce Challenges and Keep Business Growth on Track

One of the greatest risks to business performance today is the human resources factor.  Your business maybe concerned about employing and retaining staff as they evolve, and advance next-gen workforce strategies that meet the needs of technology motivated Millennials.  In the future workforce factors infographic it reveals that technology is a key component of employee undertaking, and can help management address their concerns.

68% of executives want to free valuable staff members from mundane tasks

Is Your Business Prepared for Growth?

Manufacturing is becoming progressively competitive and intricate; business owners have a common concern which is the need to grow and quickly.  But in order for them to successfully manage and drive this growth, they have to first understand the various challenges that await them.

Epicor and MORAR Consulting have done a global survey and in the new infographic results have been reveals and it includes:

  • Where the potential pitfalls of growth are from being unprepared to make the correct decisions.
  • The five risk factors for the business owners that don’t plan for growth.
  • The five fundamental factors that drives growth. This includes good planning, agility and responsiveness.

What does Manufacturers say will deliver growth?

What sets high-growth companies apart from their competitors?

Is there a secret formula to achieve growth? If you knew what other successful companies were doing right could you change your business performance? Well we have the answers.

The steps that other companies take include:
• Cultivate the ability to identify, understand and respond to various opportunities,
• Creating the systems, processes and cultures that enable people to act for growth,
• Being able to contend with continual and rapid changes.

Get set for growth. Discover the 10 characteristics of Grow Getters in the Get Growth Guide and bring their thinking to your business.

High growth companies are powered by people who understand what it takes to get ready for growth. Individuals with the vision and drive to take their business to the next level. We call these people the Grow Getters. Research has shown that 39% of Manufacturers find growth challenging.

New ERA Solutions raises technology to the next level that delivers an exceptional ERP system that supports continuous performance through real-time, in-context Business Insight. At the core is an adaptable and collaborative Business Architecture that satisfies the needs for any business.

Are you a manufacturing Grow Getter?

Manufacturers today are all facing the pressure from the elevated global competition and the need to keep up with the rapid digital change.

As a Manufacturer, you are faced with the following questions:

  • How are you going to achieve any kind of growth?
  • Should your core focus be on the expansion of your business or managing the costs effectively?
  • Is there sufficient investment in new technology and innovation?
  • Are you missing out on opportunities?

To find out answers on how you can set up your business for growth, download our “10 Characteristics of a Grow Getter” Infographic.

This will help you to:

  • Uncover the mindset, strategies and investment priorities that will set you apart from other business,
  • Measure your business against other high-growth businesses,
  • Look at how you measure up against your competitors in the industry.

Become a Grow Getter today!

Epicor Rises to #1 in Top 10 ERP Report

In the first annual Top 10 ERP Systems Ranking report from Panorama Consulting, Epicor came out as the distinct number 1 ERP system, over a number of exceptionally strong competitors that the product was up against. Panorama Consulting Solutions is one of the top influences in the ERP community as well as a leading ERP Consulting firm.

According to Panorama the data is based on a total of 1,660 respondents who completed the survey and to further ensure that the findings were as accurate as possible, the Panorama annual benchmark survey data, as obtained between September 2012 and February 2016, was also taken into consideration.

The research is focused around identifying the top ERP systems available measured against market share, implementation cost and duration, software functionality and features and benefits realization.

“Epicor scored well in each major category, namely functionality scores from Panorama clients, implementation cost, and implementation duration. Just as importantly, Epicor was very consistent in its rankings in each of the categories. In other words, it wasn’t strong in some and weak in others—it was consistent in how it fared against other vendors. “

– Eric Kimberling, Managing Partner, Panorama Consulting Solutions

Panorama has sited Epicor, from this 2017 Top 10 ERP Systems Ranking report, as:

  • The Top Performer in the Midmarket range
  • Having a “Multitude of deployment options to best suit the needs of the client”

Kimberling continued, “Epicor did particularly well in the ‘time to realize payback’ category. It rated very high in terms of how quickly customers were able to realize a positive ROI on their investments in Epicor.”

Read the full report here

Are you driving your business strategy or is your software?

Navigating the rough terrain of modern business can be quite a challenge. To thrive in an ever-changing world your organisation needs the flexibility to adapt quickly and with minimal disruption to daily operations. How can you achieve this in an affordable manner, without sacrificing the structure that a reputable ERP system can deliver?

Business Process Management (BPM) is the next natural step in the evolution of any business that wants to go beyond the transactional efficiencies accomplished with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to achieve competitive advantage.

BPM is designed for high customisability, offering a flexible, cost-efficient way for your organisation to extend the reach of its ERP.

Your organisation can use BPM to turn your existing ERP solution into a holistic system, which operates the way your company does. Not only does this increase user satisfaction, but it also ensures that the company’s unique processes are maintained, and in turn, safeguards the organisation’s competitive advantage.

ERP by nature is rigid and isn’t a natural fit with a company’s unique business rules and requirements. While offering some degree of customisability, at a cost, ERP is designed to support transactional logic. It can’t easily or effectively be used to define processes and drive operational efficiency.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, companies want to differentiate themselves with unique processes that can support their specific business strategies. These processes will change and evolve as the business moves through its lifecycle. This requires an agile approach because business strategies can change often and quickly in response to market events and requirements, particularly legislative compliance.

It is also important to remember that the value chain of a business is linked through processes. For example, a sales event impacts on various departments from the warehouse, which must dispatch the goods; and the finance department that issues an invoice; to the HR department, which needs pay the sales person a commission.

All the controls, inputs and outputs for just one event are interlinked and can connect the entire organisation. Seldom does a standard installation of an ERP adequately address all these processes and control the challenges involved.

BPM software, such as Processware from FlowCentric Technologies, allows customers to save, and make more money, by increasing efficiencies.

According to Gartner “Business process management (BPM) investments can provide a cost
savings of as much as 20 percent within the first year of implementation.”

Which of your organisation’s processes are currently operating outside of your existing ERP solution? How are you maintaining control over them?

Don’t overlook the value of BPM in extending your ERP and unlocking operational efficiency and cost savings.

Join the journey to business optimisation today.